Ode to Joy

There is this piece of classical music, that I’d been listening from childhood as part of soundtrack in advertisements, movie soundtracks. It mesmerizes me every time I listen to it, esp. in the fast tempo. I tried finding it, but as it was never played in entirety, wherever/whenever I listened. Today, the mystery is revealed, courtesy: The Householder. 🙂

It turns out to be Beethoven’s tune of Ode to Joy, part of the Ninth Symphony.

Another mystery cleared up. N more to go. 🙂

The Great King

There once was a king who ruled his country long, wisely, and well.  The
king had a son whom he hoped would someday rule the land.  He also wished
in his heart that the son would be wise and compassionate.  One day he said
to the prince:
        "If you promised that you would give a certain woman anything, even
half of your kingdom, and then she demanded the life of your best friend,
what would your decision be, my son?"
        The young prince thought for a moment and then said, "I would tell
her that she was my best friend, and then cut off her head."
        The king knew that his son would be a great king.


What no $whatever of workaholic can ever understand is that a workaholic is having fun when $he is working.

The table

I have started reading The Problems of Philosophy again, and I hope (or well I have a feeling) that this time me and Mr. Russell will travel longer. The first chapter, Appearance and Reality was pretty interesting, esp. for someone who has never formally studied Philosophy.

After finishing the chapter, when I went to sleep, I’d dreams where, I saw the people, whom I wanted to meet for a long time. An old friend, whom I have kind of parted ways. A person, whom I never met, and wanted to meet so much. Anyways, they were good dreams, and I made some good memories, which is very unlikely in real-life. Anyways, now I feel happier, and don’t feel any more need to see them.

Anyways, back to shell.