Canon EOS 1100D and ufraw

The latest release of ufraw doesn’t support Canon EOS 1100D, but the support code is present in their CVS repository. To compile ufraw with support for EOS 1100D, I patched following files from ufraw CVS repository:, dcraw.h, and wb_presets.c, and rebuilt it. And, now ufraw is able to recognize White Balance information from camera.


3 thoughts on “Canon EOS 1100D and ufraw

  1. Thomas

    Hi i got the 1100d for x-mas and wanna use ufraw.
    Bute the RAW pics are not correct shown and i read ur post.
    As u written its neccessary to compile some files shown upper.
    I dont have any compiler or other tools.
    Can you plz send me a compiled version with 1100d option??
    Or how to get the working uopgrade?

    Sorry for this post, but i hope you cab help me.

    Best regards

    1. ashish Post author

      Hi Thomas,

      I can’t because it’ll be complex (depending on your system) but I can provide instructions. OR you can use other RAW editor like RawStudio which supports EOS-1100D.


  2. Thomas

    Hi Ashashi.
    Many tnx and i will try your decision.

    Best regards and have fun


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