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When working with people from different timezones, it becomes annoying when all implicitly relative time references (e.g. yesterday) needs to be explicitly qualified with a timezone. To avoid this I’ve invented a new timezone agnostic definition of the word yesterday:

  Yesterday \Yes"ter*day\, n.
     1. The day before a long sleep

The Three Lost Cases

<rishi> arjun: :-)
<rishi> abbe: :-)
<abbe> rishi, :-)
<abbe> arjun, :-)
<arjun> rishi: :-)
<arjun> abbe: :-)

The group photo with all three Lost Cases smiling (at god knows what!). An event like this is quite rare, and I’m lucky to be part of it. Posting here, for one day I’ll feel nostalgic seeing it.