Monthly Archives: March 2012

A decade of Hotmail

When I logged in to my Hotmail account today, I noticed the Registered since field which was set to 27th February, 2002. w00t, a decade had passed. 😀

I created that email account from my school’s computer lab, as part of settle down on one-email account. IIRC I went to school to collect my admit card for 10+2 board exams, and I sneaked into computer science lab, and created that account there. I kept checking it regularly in an effort to keep it active. It was crazy in those days when I didn’t have any internet connection at home, going to cybercafes, friend’s home, dad’s work place, and where not. It was a very special account for me, I interacted with lots of awesome/special friends through it, but unfortunately I didn’t have any emails that old, courtesy their 5MB limit. 🙁

Anyways, it is the only part of my Microsoft legacy, which I’m still carrying, and I hope to carry it for as long as possible, feeling nostalgic!

xterm, XEmbed, and Tabbed

I’ve recently came across tabbed to embed xterm (and other XEMBED capable X11 applications) in tabs. To play with it, start tabbed, it’ll print its X11 Window Id on terminal, or get it from xwininfo. Now start xterm with -into switch passing the Window ID as parameter, e.g. xterm -into 384958. Following is how it looks:

xterm XEmbedded in tabbed

It’s not much useful for me, since I use Fluxbox which provides similar functionality ;), nevertheless it’s a nice example of XEMBED. X11 FTW!