π day

Today is π (22/7) day, which started as not a great day for me, with packet losses both in network, and non-network. I woke up with a crazy headache, had a very late lunch, lack of decent internet connectivity throughout the day, and then went back to sleep with the Disprin. And now after I woke up, it’s better, much better.

While in the sleep, I’d a dream about this school time friend Dheeraj, who used to live in the street opposite to mine. I wasn’t very close to him during school days, more like an acquaintance. And I only find out that he lived in the opposite street, when he started frequenting his family friends who recently moved in the same building as us.

So, in the dream, I’m at a new and a different place. And I happen to notice him while getting out of my room. And he was still wearing those spectacles, and his appearance hasn’t changed in a bit. I was in some kind of hurry but decided to at least greet him. I said, "Hi Dheeraj!", and he greeted back. I asked him if he remember me, a common question to people whom you meet after eons. I don’t get much chance to throw this question, but whenever I get chance it becomes a nostalgic moment. But, I didn’t feel like that in the dream. I was more like a super social person, who doesn’t feel nostalgic at all, but greets/talks to everyone, who knows when you might need them.

Anyways, back to the dream, his reply was as expected, "Ofcourse!". And, then to start the conversation, the last thing I remembered about him was that he was doing B.A. and it being a decade, I asked him "और, M.A. तो हो गई होगी अब तक? B.A. कर रहे थे, ना?" (You must have finished your M.A. by now? You were doing B.A. right?). He answered, "इतनी जल्दी किस बात की, अभी तो graduation भी नहीं हुई है :)" (Why hurry so much, I’ve not even finished my graduation yet either). And I commented, "लगता है हमारा record भी तोड़ोगे, हमने साढ़े छः साल लगा दिये थे…:)" (Looks like you’re going to break my record, for I took 6.5 years). With that I started to leave.

And while at the doorstep, I felt a bit nostalgic, leaving awkwardly. So, I turned around and asked if he remembers that it’s been a decade since our school time. And beating my expectation, he replied ofcourse and pointing a watch like thing on his wrist reading 10 AD and some days. I was very surprised. I completely forgot where I was going, like the wedding guest in The Rime of Ancient Mariner, and went back to him and asked what is he doing these days? He replied he used to supply some garments stuff.

And before he can shoot his question, I woke up due to so some sounds outside the dream. His cheerful nature in the dream cheered me up when I woke up, and after a long time, I’m writing something that’s not a joke or even a technical post. I hope wherever he is, he is doing good. Amen! 🙂

A π day after all…