Daily Archives: 20130128

Migration to OpenSMTPD

After being a FreeBSD port maintainer for mail/opensmtpd port for quite sometime, missing updates, and committing a buggy snapshot, I decided to start using OpenSMTPD myself. It was on my TODO list since a long time, with a pf-like configuration syntax, it was very tempting. Due to laziness, I was not switching to it, so yesterday I gave up (my laziness ofcourse :P), and following is my OpenSMTPD configuration:

listen on lo0
expire 3d

table aliases db:/usr/local/etc/mail/aliases.db
table secrets db:/usr/local/etc/mail/secrets.db
table personal { "user1@domain1.tld", "user2@domain2.tld" }

accept for local alias <aliases> deliver to mda "/usr/local/libexec/dovecot/deliver -o mail_location=mdbox:%{user.directory}/.mdbox -f %{sender}"

# my personal accounts
accept from local sender <personal> for any relay via smtp://localhost:8027

# my another personal account but goes through different MTA
accept from local sender user3@doman3.tld for any relay via smtp://localhost:8025

# my work account
accept from local sender work@workdomain.tld for any relay via tls+auth://work@localhost:8026 auth <secrets>

More details about my email setup in this mailing-list post. Back to being lazy again! 😉

long time; /* no C */

It’s been a long time since I posted something here. The diff of last post and this post is so big that even I’m lazy to post. I’ve lost couple of people past year which I’m never going to see again (mapM_ rip allOfThem), but then I cleaned up a bit of TODO, so it felt like worth coming back!

Hopefully this time, I’m here to stay for a longer time (despite the fact that time is always long). 🙂