IRC proxy-ing

Sometime ago, I’ve received SSH access to a host which was quite restricted. Lots of executables are denied execution, as it was supposed to be only for learning, so no network access curl/wget/nc/socat/ssh -(L|D|R), or compilers, but then it’s got bash. Here is a tiny hack to connect to IRC from that host:

1. Create a file on $host:

exec 3<>/dev/tcp/
cat <&3 &
cat >&3

2. Add following line to inetd/xinetd (or netcat):

sua     stream  tcp     nowait          $localuser    /usr/bin/ssh    ssh -i $privatekey -l $user $host bash

3. Now connect your IRC client to localhost:sua (localhost:14001).

This is only a fun hack, and not something used to regularly circumvent access. šŸ˜›