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The Three Lost Cases

<rishi> arjun: :-)
<rishi> abbe: :-)
<abbe> rishi, :-)
<abbe> arjun, :-)
<arjun> rishi: :-)
<arjun> abbe: :-)

The group photo with all three Lost Cases smiling (at god knows what!). An event like this is quite rare, and I’m lucky to be part of it. Posting here, for one day I’ll feel nostalgic seeing it.

Canon EOS 1100D and ufraw

The latest release of ufraw doesn’t support Canon EOS 1100D, but the support code is present in their CVS repository. To compile ufraw with support for EOS 1100D, I patched following files from ufraw CVS repository:, dcraw.h, and wb_presets.c, and rebuilt it. And, now ufraw is able to recognize White Balance information from camera.


Timer in Camera

I recently started photography after being asked by Subhro to take up some hobby. Subhro likes to believe that I started it only after seeing him, though this is not the case :). Anyways, this entry is not about settling the argument, but something which I recently learnt.

Few days ago, we went to Rajghat, and there I noticed a something so simple yet I never thought about that. I’m not sure if this is the right reason, but I noticed that whenever I capture photos on slow shutter speed even on tripod, sometimes pressing shutter button causes camera to shake which even Image Stabilizer is not good at correcting. When Subhro decided to capture photos for HDR on a tripod, I noticed his use of Timer functionality of the camera, i.e. camera instead of capturing photo immediately after pressing shutter button, it delays capturing for n seconds, so you press Shutter button, and then you move away from the camera, and thus avoiding any camera shakes which happens during capture. I’m not sure if that’s why he used Timer, but this reason also seem good enough to me.