It’s unfair how thoughts of expectation of being fair is implanted so deeply in our thoughts, whereas in reality nothing is fair. Life is not fair, system is not fair, universe is not fair. When it will become fair, we will cease to exist, because in all its fairness, we’re not even supposed to be here. So until this expectation of fairness from everything goes away, until the struggle finishes, until we’ve won victory over ourselves, and until the big brother starts loving us, let’s just do the most unfair thing, the expectation of fairness, and not concentrate on work.

I don’t know what this is, but these fair thoughts about unfairness sprang up, while I was brushing teeth outside, and watching some people chatting around the fire, while guarding the fortress in the not so cold winter. Suddenly, I felt a sense of enlightenment, and a bit cold, so I rushed inside to rinse my mouth, and get back to room temperature.

I realized I’ve spent so much time thinking about unfair things, I should do yet another unfair thing, like writing this post. I falsely hope this be the last such thing. So, I’m just writing it here so that next time when I’ll feel/think of unfairness, I’ll read this post, and the feeling of nostalgia will kill those unfair thoughts and thus being fair. After this, I can peacefully go back to work, and make my contribution in bringing the system to the equilibrium.

1 thought on “Fairness

  1. Iliya Polihronov

    Fair enough and nicely said. Our understanding of fairness is heavily manipulated by the stories we tell ourselves.

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