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Sadist Elephant

        Once upon a time, there were five blind men who had the opportunity
to experience an elephant for the first time.  One approached the elephant,
and, upon encountering one of its sturdy legs, stated, "Ah, an elephant is
like a tree."  The second, after exploring the trunk, said, "No, an elephant
is like a strong hose."  The third, grasping the tail, said "Fool!  An elephant
is like a rope!"  The fourth, holding an ear, stated, "No, more like a fan."
And the fifth, leaning against the animal's side, said, "An elephant is like
a wall."  The five then began to argue loudly about who had the more accurate
perception of the elephant.
        The elephant, tiring of all this abuse, suddenly reared up and
attacked the men.  He continued to trample them until they were nothing but
bloody lumps of flesh.  Then, strolling away, the elephant remarked, "It just
goes to show that you can't depend on first impressions.  When I first saw
them I didn't think they'd be any fun at all."

Fools Day

Last year, I’ve come across a person, a magical person to be precise. This person later became my good friend. The magical power they possessed was read-only ptrace privilege over me. I hoped to meet that person in person, thankfully it never happened, and I hope it never happens in future either. Amen!

Anyways, the point of this post is here to remind me that there exists such a person, who can tcpdump/ptrace me and tell me that we’ve similar thoughts. 🙂