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Ode to Joy

There is this piece of classical music, that I’d been listening from childhood as part of soundtrack in advertisements, movie soundtracks. It mesmerizes me every time I listen to it, esp. in the fast tempo. I tried finding it, but as it was never played in entirety, wherever/whenever I listened. Today, the mystery is revealed, courtesy: The Householder. 🙂

It turns out to be Beethoven’s tune of Ode to Joy, part of the Ninth Symphony.

Another mystery cleared up. N more to go. 🙂

Fools Day

Last year, I’ve come across a person, a magical person to be precise. This person later became my good friend. The magical power they possessed was read-only ptrace privilege over me. I hoped to meet that person in person, thankfully it never happened, and I hope it never happens in future either. Amen!

Anyways, the point of this post is here to remind me that there exists such a person, who can tcpdump/ptrace me and tell me that we’ve similar thoughts. 🙂

π day

Today is π (22/7) day, which started as not a great day for me, with packet losses both in network, and non-network. I woke up with a crazy headache, had a very late lunch, lack of decent internet connectivity throughout the day, and then went back to sleep with the Disprin. And now after I woke up, it’s better, much better.

While in the sleep, I’d a dream about this school time friend Dheeraj, who used to live in the street opposite to mine. I wasn’t very close to him during school days, more like an acquaintance. And I only find out that he lived in the opposite street, when he started frequenting his family friends who recently moved in the same building as us.

So, in the dream, I’m at a new and a different place. And I happen to notice him while getting out of my room. And he was still wearing those spectacles, and his appearance hasn’t changed in a bit. I was in some kind of hurry but decided to at least greet him. I said, "Hi Dheeraj!", and he greeted back. I asked him if he remember me, a common question to people whom you meet after eons. I don’t get much chance to throw this question, but whenever I get chance it becomes a nostalgic moment. But, I didn’t feel like that in the dream. I was more like a super social person, who doesn’t feel nostalgic at all, but greets/talks to everyone, who knows when you might need them.

Anyways, back to the dream, his reply was as expected, "Ofcourse!". And, then to start the conversation, the last thing I remembered about him was that he was doing B.A. and it being a decade, I asked him "और, M.A. तो हो गई होगी अब तक? B.A. कर रहे थे, ना?" (You must have finished your M.A. by now? You were doing B.A. right?). He answered, "इतनी जल्दी किस बात की, अभी तो graduation भी नहीं हुई है :)" (Why hurry so much, I’ve not even finished my graduation yet either). And I commented, "लगता है हमारा record भी तोड़ोगे, हमने साढ़े छः साल लगा दिये थे…:)" (Looks like you’re going to break my record, for I took 6.5 years). With that I started to leave.

And while at the doorstep, I felt a bit nostalgic, leaving awkwardly. So, I turned around and asked if he remembers that it’s been a decade since our school time. And beating my expectation, he replied ofcourse and pointing a watch like thing on his wrist reading 10 AD and some days. I was very surprised. I completely forgot where I was going, like the wedding guest in The Rime of Ancient Mariner, and went back to him and asked what is he doing these days? He replied he used to supply some garments stuff.

And before he can shoot his question, I woke up due to so some sounds outside the dream. His cheerful nature in the dream cheered me up when I woke up, and after a long time, I’m writing something that’s not a joke or even a technical post. I hope wherever he is, he is doing good. Amen! 🙂

A π day after all…

A decade of Hotmail

When I logged in to my Hotmail account today, I noticed the Registered since field which was set to 27th February, 2002. w00t, a decade had passed. 😀

I created that email account from my school’s computer lab, as part of settle down on one-email account. IIRC I went to school to collect my admit card for 10+2 board exams, and I sneaked into computer science lab, and created that account there. I kept checking it regularly in an effort to keep it active. It was crazy in those days when I didn’t have any internet connection at home, going to cybercafes, friend’s home, dad’s work place, and where not. It was a very special account for me, I interacted with lots of awesome/special friends through it, but unfortunately I didn’t have any emails that old, courtesy their 5MB limit. 🙁

Anyways, it is the only part of my Microsoft legacy, which I’m still carrying, and I hope to carry it for as long as possible, feeling nostalgic!

find /

After nearly half a decade, I visited Palam again. I wanted to take this trip a bit early, for a special reason, but my luse^H^H^Haziness preëmpted it, and now that reason isn’t anymore :P. Anyways, since most of the friends are married, or are in process of getting married, I feel a bit awkward to hang out with them, so this time I decided to troll the streets alone by myself. And also as this is a completely unannounced visit, there is very less chance to catch them.

The place had undergone a major overhaul. Lots of artifacts (of that time) are destroyed, re-built. Streets are narrowed, paths were altered, but thankfully roads are still uneven. It has become a mess and finding my way in this mess was fun, but it was really disheartening to see it like that. I visited a couple of places where I was regular at one time, to see if they still recognize me, but none-of-them recognized me, except for one person :).

So, after fed up of trolling streets, and waiting on the corner of street hoping for someone to see me from their balcony, recognize me, call my name, I decided to call Rahul, who as I expected wasn’t at his place ;). Considering, it as fate, I decided to take bus back to Metro station, but then thought at least I should check out my school, so I decided to take the shortcut to school. The shortcut proved real short this time, unlike a bit longer when I used to take it daily 9 years ago. I’m not sure what made it look shorter, maybe the obscurity introduced in paths, or is it the zeal of find / ;). The school, which at that time was recognizable from far, is now unrecognizable due to even taller structures grown around it. Anyways, I didn’t enter school this time.

I wanted to meet Arun, who once called from .au years ago to surprise me, and IIRC my response wasn’t at all cool :(. I haven’t heard from him since then. Nor I heard any news of Puneet, so I decided to show up at Puneet‘s shop and probe about Arun as well. I went outside at Puneet‘s shop, and luckily he was there. We chatted for few minutes, and he mentioned about getting a gold medal for MCA from IGNOU, most crazy thing :P. He mentioned Arun is also in India, so from there we went to Arun‘s place. Arun had some health issues recently, but was looking cheerful as usual. We refreshed lots of old memories, which of course aren’t safe to post here ;). It really felt great to physically see him after a long time. He is one of my good friends I’ve in school, although I never realized it while in school, but looking at it now seems the one whom I considered my best friends don’t even talk to me. I wish he recover soon, and live n! years, where n is his favorite positive integer :).

Lastly I wanted to meet Dinu, but since I was running out of time, and it started raining as well, and realized, that was probably his time to go back to work, so decided not to call him. I wish I’d made this trip earlier, c’est la vie.

Anyways, too much nostalgia, time to shut up and hack, after all this’s what I’m here for.